Ford c6 transmission upgrades

Ford c6 transmission upgrades

This gear set upgrades the C6 to wide ratio specifications changing the first gear ratio from 2.

C6 Rebuild Kit

Expect better 60' times at the track and quicker acceleration in off road and pulling applications. This assembly is a must for all extreme duty C6 applications. All failure prone thrust washers are replaced with high capacity thrust bearing assemblies for increased durability and friction free operation. Kit includes stress relieved front ring gear and front ring gear flange, a rollerized front planetary carrier, sun gear with heat treated shell, front and rear carrier bearings, and bronze front ring gear thrust washer.

This assembly is a must for all heavy duty C6 applications. A recommended upgrade for C6 applications behind engines producing between and foot pounds of torque. Oversize spline diameter introduces a light press fit into the clutch housing increasing spline engagement and reducing spline interface failures. Fully machined, splined, and ground on precision CNC equipment.

This part eliminates parking gear thrust washer failures in high output C6 applications by reducing the friction encountered at the thrust surface. Shopping Cart Log In Register. Weekly Specials. Posted On: November 16, Posted On: May 22, Posted On: January 28, Posted On: April 29, Posted On: April 05, Ford C6 Competition Components.

ford c6 transmission upgrades

Display: 15 45 75 All. Enter the quantity for each item and then select Add to Cart. In Stock. Out of Stock.Get the 3 must have solutions for Ford's C6 that were designed by Superior Transmission Parts for ultimate performance in your classic car or truck. Every C6 rebuild should contain these items to not only enhance your transmissions performance, but also to correct weak points that won't leave you dead on the track.

One Superior Transmission Parts C6 transmission valve body shift kit does regular, heavy duty and diesel applications.

This kit offers options for shift firmness. It addresses the premature clutch and band failure, increases line and lube pressure. The shift kit also addresses passing gear spin up, soft shifts, soft shifts and clutch chatter.

ford c6 transmission upgrades

A new heavy duty boost valve is included with this shift kit. The extra thick and wide construction reduces the chances of breaking during standard performance. Forward clutch hub snap ring failure is a common problem in Ford C6, E4OD and 4R transmissions, so it is recommended it be upgraded with the SuperTuff snap ring on every rebuild. Toggle menu Login or Sign Up 0. Las Vegas Warehouse. Master Rebuild Kits Overhaul Kits. Filter Electronic Swap Kits. Technical Repair Manuals Valve Bodies. Transmission Tools Valve Bodies.

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Shift Kits Valve Bodies. Valve Bodies. Filter-Gasket Kits. Steel Plate Modules.You can be methodical and cover all the bases during a rebuild and still things can go wrong. As with just about […]. Although I focus great attention on how a transmission is built, installation and proper adjustment after the unit is installed are just as important to durability and longevity.

To get longevity and durability, a transmission must be properly installed and adjusted, which means a methodical approach to getting a fresh transmission into service. Think of a torque converter like a water wheel in an old saw mill: the waterwheel is driven by fluid in motion. A torque converter works on the same principle—a fluid coupling or clutch […].

Automatic transmission function, in theory, is simple. In practice, it is quite complex and has been worked out by powertrain engineers determined to give you smooth and reliable operation for at leastmiles.

To get there, you have to have a hydraulic control system that gives you all those things you want and expect […]. It is a heavyduty 3-speed […]. Versions of the C4 have also been produced for big-blocks. For the sake of simplicity and space I primarily cover a C4 teardown in this book.

C4 teardown technique generally applies to the C6 as well, though there are some distinct differences in the ford c6 transmission and ford c4 transmission. Because automatic transmissions encompass dozens of tiny parts—clips, balls, pins, valves, springs, and other items—your workspace must be well-lit, neat, orderly.

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Ford had a fundamental challenge to its direction and future in the late s—how to shed a stodgy image and dated technology. This effort began with a new generation of skirted-block FE-series V-8 engines in InFord introduced its lightweight-iron Falcon and Comet sixes. The degree Fairlane small-block V-8s followed in Prior […].You can upgrade your Ford C6 transmission to ensure it can meet the modern-day expectation of performance and toughness.

This may be a classic ride, but the mere fact that it was built to offer long term durability means it can be revamped to handle whatever you throw at it. To think that this transmission was once built for the most powerful Ford engines back in the s and specifically high-performance sedans and Mustangs, a lot can be expected after its rebuild.

Therefore, the outcome is quite promising since you already have something solid to work with. For the uninitiated, the Ford C6 was designed by Ford Motor Company and it was prevalent between and This is a heavy-duty three-speed automatic transmission and upon its launch, Ford marketed it as the SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic.

The Ford C6 featured a less complex build, lighter weight, greater torque capacity, and less power loss compared to its predecessor, the MX transmission. These capabilities were achieved without a larger build compared to the design of its predecessor. Interestingly, the C6 was also the first automatic transmission built to be compatible with the Borg-Warner flexible shift band in a bid to improve its service life and durability. Cars that used the C6 transmission include the:. You can try the following to beef up the performance of your C6 transmission:.

The C6 transmission boasts of being lighter than the MX transmission, however, it still has a lot of weight when it is not compared side-by-side with its predecessor.

C6 Valvebody overhaul and install

The effect of this heavyweight is seen in the loss of horsepower as parts and pieces of the transmission try to turn. On the other hand, combining custom parts with certain C6 components can help to reduce the loss of horsepower.

In line with that, a modern 4R electronic-overdrive can also be paired with this mix to ensure the transmission can withstand high impacts it will be susceptible to. The valve body of your C6 transmission can also be upgraded to enable automatic shifting.

A valve body shift kit also comes with the promise of giving firmer shifts and can eliminate problems such as band failure, clutch chatter, and premature clutch. Another consideration is the use of thicker high-performance bands or optionally settling for a deeper oil pan. The stock case can be mounted with an SFI-certified bell housing, which could push the horsepower even further.

Switching to C6 planetary carriers that are stronger can also improve the performance of your transmission. Needle bearings are also used to replace thrust bearings in several of the rolling components to reduce friction. There is a three or four pinion unit in the First and Reverse planetary gearset. This unit is made of aluminum and it can be replaced with a six-pinion planetary gearset that is made of steel. An increase in the number of pinions aids in the distribution of load and the change in the material makes the unit stronger.

A Lincoln drum can be used in this transmission. This drum has higher snap-ring groove and as such, it can support the installation of more clutches. While the stock Lincoln drum may feature four clutches, up to six clutches can be fitted in it to offer a higher level of grip. There are less thicker aftermarket clutches you can rely on instead of the stock clutches.

Choosing less thick clutches provides space for stacking. The C6 transmission comes with First, Second, and Third gear ratios that are 2. Nonetheless, a wide-ratio gearset can be used to provide a First gear ratio that is numerically larger. The result will be 2. These are the tips you can use to upgrade your Ford C6 transmission and give it that level of performance you believe it can achieve. For starters, it was built with the intention to be tough hence the foundation was set already.

GearStar Performance Transmission N.InFord introduced a beefy three-speed automatic transmission that was stuffed into anything that required a strong transmission including trucks, high-performance Mustangs, and sedans.

The Ford C6 transmission would go on to enjoy a year service life as Ford phased it out in to make room for overdrive versions of its big transmission line-up. Today, the C6 is still the go-to Blue Oval piece when you are looking to harness big horsepower. Credit the beefy guts and many aftermarket upgrades for the tough label.

Ford C6 Transmission Upgrades - Built Tough

There is a downside to Ford's beefy three-speed, though--it weighs a lot, causing the loss of valuable horsepower in order to turn the parts and pieces.

That is changing, though, as CK Performance offers a hybrid C6 package that merges custom parts made in-house with specific C6 components, and certain pieces from the modern 4R electronic-overdrive sibling. The result is a unit capable of withstanding abuse, but one that also negates the power-robbing antics of the original C6 design. He has pulled apart and inspected almost every iteration of the C6 since its inception.

The transmission was in production for 30 years, so there were several running changes to fit different applications, improve designs, and, of course, implement cost-cutting measures. Kokonis has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as figured out which 4R components can easily transfer over without any issues.

The final result is a rollerized C6 that prevents a switch to the GM TH or forcing the expensive swap to an electronic-controlled 4R transmission. A stock C6 features a 2. A new wide-ratio gearset is installed providing a numerically greater First gear of 2.

The higher First is a big help for those with a heavier car, as it makes the rear gear act larger without increasing the highway cruising rpm. According to Kokonis the company uses stock input shafts for applications up to 1, hp. Pushing past that limit requires the CK Performance billet input shaft. Other standard modifications are stronger C6 planetary carriers.

The new planetaries bring the transmission's rating to more than 2, hp, provided the input shaft has been swapped. Like all aftermarket transmission builds, the new clutch packs have better surface material and additional clutches for greater gripping power. The thrust bearings in many of the rolling components are discarded in favor of needle bearings for less friction. There are many small details that are upgraded, and a few key elements caught our eye, like the modified parking pawl gear.

CK Performance machines it down to fit a needle bearing assembly instead of a thrust washer. The switch to a needle bearing prevents the case from getting beat up on deceleration. As the parking pawl gear accelerates, it pushes outward, which is fine until you left off the gas and go to decel. At that point, the input shaft puts a lot of pressure on the housing.

Ford C6 Transmission Superior High Performance Upgrade Kit

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ford c6 transmission upgrades

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